The Best Treatments For A New Mother Looking For A Non-Invasive Freshen Up |

The Best Treatments For A New Mother Looking For A Non-Invasive Freshen Up

We're all time-poor. We're all tired. Beauty sleep is a thing of the past. So let's cut to the chase on how to brighten up your skin...

We asked our beauty editor Isabella Schmid to find out what the best treatments are for a new mother looking for a non-invasive freshen up… Photographer: Amanda De Simone | Stylist: Jamela Duncan | Beauty Editor: Isabella Schimid | Models: Lucy @chadwicks & Brooke @chic

Time poor and in need of some pampering? I hear you. To save time, I thought I'd get the experts from Endota Spa and All Saints Clinic to answer my most common skincare questions starting with what the best treatment is for achieving fresh, radiant skin. Ready?

Helen Robb Lacey, Endota Spa senior educator: “I recommend a treatment, like our Intense Radiance facial, which combines exfoliation, with a 15% Glycolic treatment to thoroughly refresh and smooth the skin. To target anti-ageing concerns our New Age Light Therapy facial works beneath the surface of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production for a noticeably plump, radiant complexion.” Dr.Joseph Hkeik, All Saints Skin Clinic: “A laser Genesis facial uses non-invasive laser technology to improve skin clarity and achieve a vibrant even skin tone and smooth texture. It can treat scars, uneven texture, redness, fine line wrinkles and large pores. Or an individually prescribed facial treatment using purified active ingredients combined for optimal skin well-being. The Hydrafacial is an intensely hydrating and stimulating treatment to instantly boost skin luminosity.” Ellie from Rationale clinic: “Depending on the clients overall concerns, both our Photogenic Treatment and Epinova Photosonic Facial are ideal. We have a range of antioxidants and enzyme reactivators to deliver optimal skin health, radiance and luminosity. Within both of the treatments, we can focus on ingredients (varying depending on concerns) such as Vitamins C, B or E, Pyruvic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid to boost overall hydration and complexion during pregnancy/breastfeeding. During treatments, ingredients aren’t the only component we are tailoring, we also tailor comfortability for our pregnant or breastfeeding clients by reclining the treatment bed/providing towel bolsters to support the hips/belly where required.”

What are some safe treatments for a mother who is breastfeeding?

“You can have a facial when you are breastfeeding, it all comes down to the ingredients and technology used,” explains Helen Robb. “I recommend you always speak to the therapist when booking your treatment. A treatment can awaken the senses and revitalise breastfeeding mums, letting their minds rest easy in the knowledge that all products being applied to their skin are plant-based and certified organic. A safe facial to have while breastfeeding would be the Organic Infusion facial. It’s our signature facial created to deliver relaxing results and uses ingredients which are natural and toxic-free. This facial uses, certified organic skincare, containing powerful botanicals and antioxidants which are infused using jade rollers to give you a clear complexion and restore calm. Your skin will be nourished and your mind is nurtured following the treatment. For breastfeeding mums only able to take a short time out, our Organic Express facial is a 30-minute alternative to our signature Organic Infusion facial.” Meanwhile, Dr Joseph recommends a lactic acid based peel, a blueberry smoothie/enzyme combination treatment which has no-downtime and is non-invasive. LED therapy offers instant skin boosting results, increased clarity and luminosity from the first treatment as a result of increased circulation, oxygenation and hydration. Ellie from Rational reinforces the benefits of RATIONALE facials to deliver cosmeceutical actives for enhanced luminosity and radiance.

For a regular routine, what is a good skincare treatment and basic home skin care regime?

“To keep your skin in the best possible condition everyone should have a monthly facial suited to their particular skin type. Designing an appropriate skincare routine at home depends on the individual and their skin concerns. Every good skincare regimen should include a cleanse morning and night. It is also essential to exfoliate your skin regularly to ensure we are removing dead cells and revealing radiant, healthy skin. A good moisturiser is also a necessary part of every skincare routine,” says Robb. Dr Joseph says: “It really depends on skin health and also on the individual concerns – we design each client’s journey following our assessment and our visia system analysis. A good cleanser (am/pm), antioxidant serum (am), Vitamin A serum (pm), exfoliating serum depending on the condition of skin once again (pm), appropriate moisturiser (am/pm) and sunscreen (am). Treatments could include a monthly laser genesis treatment and a fortnightly hydra facial. “A basic home skin care regime will depend on the concerns of the client. At RATIONALE, we have a strong focus on optimal skin health, radiance and luminosity, achieved with a tailored homecare and treatment plan. Sunscreen! It’s a must! Especially with hormones responding as they do, the pigment can be stimulated. SPF protection of at least 50 and entire solar constant protection will assist in preventing the harmful effects of UV, Visible Light and Infra-red Heat. You can find this protection in either our B3-T or Beautiful Skin Superfluids.” says Ellie. Beauty Editor Note: I was recommended by a makeup artist friend to try “Paula’s Choice”.  I have been using the products for the past few months and I have been really pleased with the results and condition of my skin. Highly recommend this cult-following product.