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The Eye Creams You Need In Your Life

Whether you believe in eye creams or not, it’s true that the first signs of ageing often become visible around the eyes, and when you’re running around after multiple kids, or still having to get up a few times during the night, perhaps spending a little cash on this valuable product might work as an investment in the long run...

You see, the skin under our eyes is different. It’s actually three times thinner than other facial skin as well as less elastic and more prone to dryness, which is why Fiona Pereira, National Education Manager at La Mer, tells us that an eye cream is definitely worth the spend. “A product especially formulated for the eyes will help to intensively hydrate the skin while helping to prevent or correct the look of aging,” she tells us. “An eye cream contains ingredients that are specific for the eye area so as to not irritate this delicate area of the face. You can find different formulas to target specific concerns such as luminosity dark circles or puffiness.” Heidi Salfield, owner at Skindivinity in Byron Bay, agrees and advises that an eye cream is an essential in a skincare routine because it works to target concerns differently than a moisturiser would. “Eye cream is formulated to suit the delicacy of the skin around your eyes and its different concerns that comes with this area, being dark circles, puffiness or fine lines etc… which is why the creams we use on our face are often too thick/active to be used on such fragile skin.” However, it’s also important to note that we need know how to apply an eye cream properly. Heidi tells us that we need to “apply an eye cream before or after your serums but before your moisturiser. And you need to dab it on lightly on the orbital bone around your eyes,” she says. So no rubbing! “In the morning applying underneath makeup is also a great idea to give the area extra hydration and allow for better application of your makeup.” Although what ingredients should we be looking for if we want to fight those first signs of ageing? Fiona says we need to look for products containing hyaluronic acid as it’ll help to deliver actives gently and effectively. Other ingredients such as Vitamin E which is naturally present in the skin but depletes with age, along with Vitamin C which is an excellent anti-oxidant and helps to brighten the skin, can help as well. So whether you believe in eye creams or not, maybe it’s time to take note that the eye is an area that we shouldn’t neglect. And if you’re in the market for a new one to try, below are some of our favourites. Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

La Mer The Eye Concentrate

Designed to fight puffiness, fine lines and dark circles this eye cream blends easily with the help of its tiny applicator. Instantly makes your skin feel tighter.

Colorscience Total Eye 3in1 Renewal Therapy

100% mineral and chemical free, this eye cream uses a powerful blend of peptides and vitamins to fight the signs of ageing and ensure your eyes stay youthful.

Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream

This eye cream is easy on the wallet and instantly hydrates and brightens your eye area and helps you appear well rested.

Darphin Ideal Resource Anti dark Circle Eye Illuminator

Lightly tinted this eye cream not only hydrates and helps fight dark circles but doubles as makeup to conceal and cover darkness as well.

Dr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Dew It All Eye Gel

If fine lines are your issue, this eye cream works on providing up to 72 hours of hydration. Plus, it uses skincare powerhouse ingredients like hyaluronic acid and caffeine to kick start those results.

Cosmedix Opti Crystal Liquid Eye Cream

One of the best-selling cosmeceutical eye creams on the market! It uses liquid crystals to replenish damaged, thinning skin around the eyes, along with growth factors and alpha lipoic acid to dramatically diminish the appearance of eye lines and wrinkles. It’s a must have!

Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes

Providing a cooling sensation this eye cream not only works to brighten dark circles but works to provide lasting hydration. Also cooling to touch and won’t irritate sensitive skin!