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The Joolz Aer Is The Stylish Travel Pram We’ve Been Waiting For

Travelling with children is no easy feat. There are travel cots to contend with, nap times to manoeuvre around, tiny terrorists awaiting for the prime opportunity to explode.

As someone who falls firmly into the bucket of “terrified of being judged,” I err on the side of caution when it comes to embarking on activities with my family. In fact, I’m yet to travel any further than the local supermarket with all three of my children, and that’s largely because I live in fear of forgetting something, of needing to manage three simultaneous tantrums, or for the scorn of an elderly woman who provides open commentary on my parenting.

Until now, I’ve also been deeply afraid of the logistics. How do I squeeze down an airplane aisle with three children? How do I manage Charlie’s all-too-necessary sleep times when he’s far too enormous to be carried? Do I need to relegate myself to the land of backpacks and bumbags to have essentials easily accessible?

It seems the gods at Joolz were listening, because with their own lightweight travel stroller, Aer, I believe I may be just be ready to venture outside of my suburban bubble.

Designed to truly help parents who have a desire to be on the move, the Joolz Aer is compact, comfortable and light as a feather at just 6kg. What's more, it's completely in keeping with Joolz's incredibly stylish ethos, being sleek and refined.

Having just launched in Australia (I was lucky enough to go along to the beautiful launch in Sydney’s Balmoral to see the stroller in all its glory), the Joolz Aer has been specifically designed to fit the weight and size limitations of most overhead aeroplane cabins. This means that yep, travel with toddlers (up to 18kg – about the size of my sizeable three-year-old) as seamless and stress-free as it can be, from taxi to terminal.

The stroller works beautifully for babies and toddlers aged from 6 months through to four years, and if you’ve ever struggled to fold up a pram in the heat of the moment (guilty), you will likely take a big breath with the Aer. Aside from being lightweight, it can be folded and unfolded in just one second with one hand (hallelujah!). And it’s not all about the parents – it’s also well ventilated, designed for ergonomic comfort (with a patented seat back support) and has all-wheel suspension for the smoothest possible ride, so the kids are comfortable, even within a stuffy airport terminal.

Then in a move that will win votes for the sustainably-minded among us (which is really all of us now, right?), Joolz has the environment at the heart of everything they do.

As well as the reusable packaging that the stroller comes in (which – as I can attest – converts to a cardboard aeroplane for hours of imaginative play), Joolz is also consciously leading the way with its innovative Birth Forest. As the brand’s gift to new parents, for every child born who goes on to explore the world in a Joolz stroller, the company helps combat deforestation and climate change by planting a tree. Parents simply need to register their pram, then they’ll receive their own Birth Forest Certificate.


With the Joolz Aer, I feel like my excuses for staying put are sliding quickly out of the aeroplane window ...

Retailing for $749 including rain cover, travel pouch and a lifetime warranty, the new Joolz Aer can be found at leading baby specialty stores and is available in black, grey and navy.

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