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The Natural Nursery Products I’m Embracing For Baby #3

My third baby boy is expected to make his entrance in the next few months, and if I were asked to describe how I'm feeling about it (which I'm not - because I've found that nobody really asks too much third time around), the best phrase would be 'just-a-little-bit-overwhelmed'.

Let’s just say this pregnancy has not quite achieved the status of ‘a breeze’. It’s also flown by so quickly (thanks to the two other boys competing for my attention) that if it weren’t for the fact that I have a little foot stamping regularly on my bladder, I might have forgotten entirely. So the thought of decorating another nursery (and one that will be shared with a sibling, no less) was not quite on the top of my priority list. What’s more, the idea of teddy motifs or elaborate hanging mobiles left me feeling like I’d break out in an unsightly rash. While I embraced all of the baby paraphernalia the first – and even second – time around, for this baby, I’m all about the simplicity. Because if my mind is a mess, goodness knows that my home needs to be calm. As I’ve thrown out the plastic and have donated the primary colours, here’s what has been introduced into our home. Natural, neutral and just enough beauty to make me believe I really do have this all under control.

7pm Linen

With the impending new arrival, our middle child – Charlie – is upgrading from his cot to a ‘big boy bed’. And with that, of course, comes a wonderful shopping opportunity. Having made the switch to linen sheets on my own bed a few years ago, I’d never go back to anything else. Thankfully, with 7pm Linen’s delightful collection, our children don’t need to scrimp either. They use the softest linen in gorgeous, natural tones across a line of sheets, duvet covers, blankets and even hooded towels. I was tempted to upgrade our whole home in their beautiful line, but for now, will settle by snuggling into Charlie and his sheets whenever the opportunity arises.

The Lullaby Club

When I first became a mum, I was amazed by how many of my son’s clothes and bedding were adorned with the terrifying “HIGHLY FLAMMABLE” trademark. So it’s a relief to know that there are alternatives, like The Lullaby Club’s beautiful range of sheets, play mats and change mats that are made of super soft and sustainable cotton-linen. While my testosterone-fuelled house prevented me from opting for the delicious Lemonade and Mars colourways, I was equally enamoured by their gender-neutral tones.

Little Willow Vintage

I have been coveting customised pillowslips for years, so when I discovered Little Willow Vintage’s classic line of hand-embroidered custom cushions, it was time to take the plunge. In the classic ‘Buttermilk’, and made-to-order by hand, these are an item that I know my children carry through from their baby bedrooms into adulthood.

Mumma Etc Sling

I’m very well aware that my hands will be full when this little one arrives, and so babywearing is on the top of my agenda. In keeping with the natural and neutral theme, I’ll be using a sling from Mumma Etc, which is made of soft-yet-sturdy linen in great earthy tones. Now … Is it time to bring on this baby?