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The New Spanish Childrenswear Brand You Need To Know

The Spanish certainly know a thing or two about beautifully dressed children, and one brand that could make even the most bedraggled Bash Street Kid look like a polished prince or princess is Bonnet à Pompon.

Recently hitting UK shores with a new store in Marylebone, its muted palette in the finest linens, cottons and cashmeres – with a bohemian, free-spirited air – is playful, fun and just how you’d long for your children to dress.

Topping our summer wish list are the organic cotton plimsoles, ruffled neck blouses and linen shorts for girls, while for boys there are linen shirts, subtle slogan sweatshirts and cargo pants aplenty – and the knitted bonnets, rompers and booties for babies make the perfect gifts for newborns.

And if you think the collection is to-die-for, wait until you see the atelier-style store with floor-to-ceiling wardrobes and rolling library ladders.