The One Eye Serum We Can’t Live Without

Pure and potent, editor Georgie Abay tests the silky single dose golden capsules everyone’s talking about…

Do you ever have moments where you feel like you’re still 18-years-old? I do. Usually when I’m in the car alone and singing to bad music at the top of my lungs. For a moment, I feel young and free. Ah, freedom. Remember that? Probably not. My bubble bursts the minute I spot the two car seats in the back and realise I’m driving a mum car. I sigh and go back to singing and pretending I’m 18. Or then there are the times when I turn up on my mother’s doorstep after a shocking night’s sleep and she takes one look at the dark circles under my eyes and carefully asks “darling are you using eye cream?”. The reality? It hits me hard: I’m not 18. I’m in my mid-30s, drive a mum car, mostly wear jeans and sneakers, am cranky a lot of the time and I should be using eye serum daily. I now sleep less than I ever have, I’m more tired than I’ve ever been before and really, I just need a little help brightening up my bleary eyes. Basically, when it comes to my beauty essentials, eye serum should be number one.

“ Anything with the words daily youth in its name gets my instant attention ”

Let’s talk eyes for a moment because while you can’t do anything about the fact that you’re no longer a fresh and free 18-year-old, you can improve the delicate skin around your eye area. The skin around your eyes is significantly thinner than the rest of your face, which means it’s also the first part of the face to show signs of ageing – sorry coffee can’t help you here, thank goodness for sunglasses. So no matter what age you are, it’s time to start thinking of eye care as important as a cleanser (or your daily coffee) and using it morning and night. If you’re wondering, your regular facial moisturiser will not suffice – eye creams and serums are far gentler.

I was rather delighted when I discovered Elizabeth Arden’s new Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum (anything with the words ‘daily youth’ in its name gets my instant attention). What can you expect? The serum is a twist on the Iconic Ceramide Capsules which we’re huge fans of, but formulated especially for the eyes.

What can it do for you? It’ll help support the skin’s own natural collagen for a firmer look; minimise the appearance of lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet; visibly reduce puffiness; improve texture for noticeably softer, younger-looking skin; and immediately help to strengthen the skin’s natural protective moisture barrier. The serum is also safe for sensitive eyes (each golden capsule is biodegradable, fragrance and preservative-free).

How will it do all of the above and more? By using more than 25 years of research, Elizabeth Arden has updated the existing formula with nine new ingredients. There’s Sea Fennel Extract, which helps to promote natural skin cell renewal as well as increase luminosity and skin smoothness. Tsubaki Oil will help improve elasticity, minimising the look of fine lines and wrinkles, while also enhancing moisture for smooth, supple skin. You’ll also feel the effects of Butcher’s Broom Extract. New to the formula, the extract from the root of this plant helps to improve the appearance of firmness around the eyes.

Essentially, these golden capsules will replenish essential, naturally-occurring lipids and also help support your skin’s natural renewal process, in addition to targeting the key signs of ageing around the eyes for a brighter, fresher look.

So let’s get started. How do you apply the product? Take one of the golden capsules and twist the top off. Always apply eye serums with your pinky as you will tend to pull the skin less. Each capsule is designed to deliver a fresh, concentrated dose of moisture-boosting serum packed with even more advanced Ceramide technology than before. They absorb quickly too which is always a plus when you’re racing out the door.

So remember the words of Elizabeth Arden (“You’re as old as you feel” or “a woman can always look younger than she really is”), get in the car, turn up the music, get singing and take yourself off to buy these new magic capsules.

In association with Elizabeth Arden | Go to | Photography: Grace Alyssa Kyo