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The Personalised Picture Books Helping Little People Through Big Moments

As parents, we all know the challenges that come along with navigating big moments in our children's lives.

Whether it’s the death of a beloved pet, the impending arrival of a new sibling or an upcoming hospital trip, they’re landmark milestones in the lives of our little ones. And as we know, preparing our children for these big moments is critical, but rarely simple.

Enter My Big Moments. Using the magic of storytime, these beautiful, fully customisable books have been created to help parents and caregivers to support their little ones as they discover how to navigate the bumps in the road. 

To create the books (which are written for children aged between 2 and 7), the My Big Moments team have worked with experts in child psychology, play therapy and neuroscience education.

The result? Tricky situations that are transformed into empowering ones, ripe for connection. 

The concept for the personalised book series was conceived by two friends, Flicka Williams and Hannah Davison.

Both mothers of young children, they confided in one another the feelings of isolation and being overwhelmed that parenthood sometimes brought with it. Soon after the seed was planted for the initial idea, Hannah Davison’s own children endured the 7.8 magnitude Kaikoura earthquake in New Zealand’s South Island in November 2016.

Only 10 km for the epicentre, their home suffered extensive damage, forcing them to flee in the middle of the night. As she guided her children through their trauma, it became clear to Hannah that their book concept could provide a lifeline to parents like herself through challenging times. After a discussion with Williams, My Big Moments began.

“ Flicka and I often talk about how to navigate the bumpy road of parenthood,” says author, Hannah Davison. “We aspire to raise our kids in a way that prepares them for the complex world they’ve been born into. We want to help other parents and caregivers find the right words in the right moments, so they can guide their children with confidence through the events that will shape their little one's lives. ”

On the My Big Moments website, parents can find a range of books and resources to suit their child's needs.

From here, they select the book they would like to personalise; inputting their child’s name, pronoun and avatar. Their personalised book is then automatically generated, and a full preview is created for parents to read.

Available in hardcover, softcover and/or digital, all print copies come with a free digital version, so parents can begin reading with their child immediately while they wait for their print version to arrive.

It’s clear My Big Moments’ beautiful books will be treasured on our bookshelves and in the memories of our children forever.

Discover more at My Big Moments.