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the pyjamas you’ll want to wear all day

Words: Penny Hunt

Let’s face it: when you’re a new mother, you’re likely to spend a lot of time in your pyjamas. Personally, I prefer the term ‘night suits’. It sounds far more sleek and sophisticated than pyjamas, especially when describing the Melbourne-based brand Masini & Chern. There are no cloud puffs, puppy dogs or shooting stars adorning these chic two-piece ensembles. Instead you'll find chic patterns such as leopard print, banana leaf, paisley and polka dots. These are pyjamas for the fashion-forward mother. “Our motto is ‘between the sheets and on the streets’, we create silhouettes that are comfortable to sleep in, but also flattering to wear. When you get home from work you want to be able to wash work away and slip into something more comfortable, but still remain stylish,” says Ebonnie Masini-Thomson, one half of the design duo. “We’re not about lace, love hearts and feather bowers. We’re about beautiful fabrics, elegant prints and a classic elegance.”

Close friends since school both Masini-Thomson and her business partner Natasha Chernov Homann share a similar sense of style as well as a love of the arts. “Our prints are mainly designed by us and we’re particularly inspired by certain eras of art, architecture and interiors. The period between the 1930’s and the 1950’s has been a big influence, although this is constantly evolving.”

When asked what their idea of the ultimate sleepover would be, both Ebonnie and Natasha agree it would be about spending time with friends (in personalised monogrammed pyjamas, naturally). “It would also have to be the morning after the sleepover. We adore Sunday mornings. Australians do Sunday mornings with such style. It’s all about spending time with friends, family and pets. Drinking coffee and eating really good food. We wanted to create a sleepwear line that complimented the Sunday morning aesthetic. People can laze around in Masini & Chern pyjamas, but look ultra chic at the same time. Doesn’t everyone want that?”

As for what's next, look out for the addition of robes, slippers and bed linen. “Our future goal is to be Australia’s leading bedroom brand, taking our sophisticated and fashion forward approach into all things bedroom, such as linen, cushions and candles.” To shop the collection, go to