The Tale Of Ariane & Charlie Goldman

Photography: Jenna Potter Words: Georgie Abay

Given she founded a maternity fashion line, it'’s no wonder HATCH collection creator Ariane Goldman makes pregnancy look so naturally glamorous. For our shoot, she'’s dressed in her own design: ‘The Sweep Dress’, a striped jersey number with a high neckline and voluminous drape, it'’s the perfect piece to throw over her seven-month bump. The backdrop also helps: we’'re at her spectacular abode in East Hampton, where everything is so effortlessly chic from her daughter’'s vibrant playroom to her eclectic living room. "“This is our nest,”" she says of the home. “"I love the feeling of walking in to our home and wanting to spend time in every room. It's got a lot of character, and I painted the entire thing white, exposing the dark beams, then brought out colour through the textiles and objects. It's warm, interesting and comfortable. Not too precious, as I want everyone who enters to feel like they can kick off their shoes."” It's also where she comes to relax. "Trips out to my East Hampton retreat are a must during pregnancy to balance out the New York city madness with the serenity of nature and the beach," says Goldman.

Three and a half years into motherhood, Goldman says: "“'I’m finally settling in to my skin. For years, I’'ve fluctuated between the idea of the woman I wanted to be and who I am fundamentally on the inside. Through the birth of my daughter Charlie, and the process of growing two businesses, I now stand firm in my shoes. I am an optimist, a critical thinker, a bon-vivant, a lover, a questioner and I like to challenge the boundaries of what can and cannot be done."” HATCH is a perfect example of why Goldman is all of the above and more. She created the successful brand back in 2011 after she found there just weren'’t any solutions out there for ‘growing’ style. "“I was pregnant with my daughter, Charlie, and realised no one was talking to women like me who wanted to look great and invest in beautiful things during this unknown time, so I conceived of HATCH, to bring women pieces they can wear before, during and after pregnancy. Just because our bodies are changing, doesn'’t mean our style has to,”" she says. Like a lot of determined mothers, Goldman says she’'s become even more career driven since her daughter arrived. "“I didn'’t start HATCH until after Charlie was born. When I looked at her, funnily enough I got more inspired to do more and create more, and while I am constantly juggling and balancing, I am so excited to set an example of following my dreams.”"

Her advice to new mothers? "Enjoy this time and remember that there is no ‘right way’ of doing things. EVERYONE has an opinion and our children turn out wonderfully, so long as they are loved and cared for. Our babies accompany us 24/7 so even trying to practice something out of our norm will show through eventually. BE YOURSELF and the rest will follow.”"

On pregnancy fashion essentials, it’'s no surprise that Goldman’s wardrobe is bursting with her own label. “"I live in HATCH. I designed pieces around a comfortable and easy one-stop shop dressing formula as that'’s how I like to organise my wardrobe. No fuss, no frills, ease and style. That'’s all one needs,”" she says. She'’s currently obsessed with the HATCH Cashmere Joggers for winter. “I also love the Cashmere Onesie when I go out for dinner and want to feel comfy but chic. The Longsleeve Tees are a must and The Henley is divine.” On pampering during pregnancy, she loves Clarins Huile Tonic on her belly twice a day after a bath. “"My salvation is weekly yoga with my personal instructor Mel. She saves me and enables me to breathe!”". Her favourite part of pregnancy? "“I love when the baby kicks. The feeling of a little life inside me continuously blows me away.”"

Ariane’s little list of loves: 
Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Firming Face Oil.
Weekends with my family and friends at our East Hampton home.
Yoga sessions with Mel, my teacher for 7 years from YogaHigh.
My Carolina Bucci Lucky bracelet (I have the blue wisdom one and will be carrying these soon on the HATCH site).
Elder Statesman cashmere Regular Sweater. 
My husband’'s head massages he gifts me with as I fall asleep.
Bath time with my daughter Charlie.
Nina Simone.
My HATCH Cashmere Jogger sweatpants.
Balthazar Lemonade with fresh mint.