The Tale of Georgia & River Hall

Over a decade ago, Georgia Hall moved to Bali. She’s since set up her own fashion label State of Georgia and become a mother to River. “I was determined to be an actor, dancer and singer,” recalls Hall. “I was a trained classical dancer and performed since I could walk.” In between acting and dancing jobs, Hall studied at The School of Fashion and Textiles at RMIT Tafe in Melbourne. “Out of the blue one day my best friend and owner of Shakuhachi Jessie White turned everything upside down,” she says. Hall had just done a film with Poppy Montgomery and Patrick Dempsey when she got a call from White asking her to come to Bali and assist her for the season. “She told me she liked my style and would love me to come, but I would have to leave the next morning. So I did! 14 years later and I am still here.” We visited the stylish mother at home to find more about her life in Bali…

I started my label State of Georgia with footwear first…

Later I moved into sarong style dresses and the one to boot me into the fashion world was a simple style I named ‘the beach dress’. It is truly amazing how one dress can seriously change your life and launched my new career as a fashion designer. I have had the business now for around 12 years. I wholesale to Japan, Australia and America and I have a small flagship store in Bali and a factory where I produce my range. I have also started a production company with my partner producing for other overseas labels, so I’m flat out busy.

To my younger self I’d say…

Be bold never be to shy to ask or get what you want. Always listen to your gut.

I have had River on a very structured routine right from the start and he is such a dream…

If our little humans know what is coming and can expect it each night, there is nothing to be afraid of, be upset about and when there is something wrong, it is easier to pin point the problem.

“ Motherhood has taught me that there is a love like no other in the world and also patience. I’m a lot more grounded these days ”

To new mothers…

Go easy on yourself, accept the changes that are going on in your body, be aware of them, and just go with it. Also buy the book Save Your Sleep and follow it, it has all the answers to everything. I swear by this book.

There are so many different people in Bali from all over the world…

We hear different languages all the time and River is spoken to in four different languages. I think it is great for a child’s brain. The freedom of getting on your bike and being so close to the beach or riding through rice fields – it’s constant eye candy and I love it. We are really lucky here. I have a full time nanny that takes amazing care of River, something I could not pay for in Australia. I am able to get stuff done knowing that my child is very well cared for.

River is a water baby…

We love splashing around in Canggu. On Sunday we feed the geese at the farmers market there and Ku De Ta do a kids day on Sunday. There are a lot of amazing arts and crafts to do and jumping castles and you can have a beautiful breakfast and watch the kids. We really love going to the beach as well.

State of Georgia kind of launched itself with ‘the beach dress’…

It kind of became a huge hit overnight. Initially I started by walking into shops decked out head to toe in my clothes and shoes and waiting for a response with crossed fingers! Once I had established a wholesale client list, I was approached by an agent and the rest is history.

My beauty routine is very basic…

I use a cleanser in the morning followed by this great little product I found called Kiwi seed oil to calm the skin, then a moisturiser and sunscreen. Basically my routine has not changed since being a mum. The one thing that has changed is I always now mix a 100% vitamin c powder into my sunscreen. I developed awful pigmentation while I was pregnant and it really seems to help.

My summer essential are…

The superstition dress in Geo print from my new collection, my Vivien Westwood sandals, a hat and a smile.

I was working right through my pregnancy…

Running around like a crazy woman both on motorbike and foot, so that was kind of my exercise. I wish I had done more as I ate like a beast and became a small baby whale putting on over 25 kg! Now I love to do a bit of everything – yoga, gym, and lately I have been doing Brazilian boom, which is purely for your bottom! And then other classes like cross fit, Bare Pilates and running on the beach. I think it’s really important to mix it up all the time.

The hardest part of motherhood is leaving my cutie pie…

Also I need at least an extra five hours in the day! I just don’t have enough time now to do everything. The best part is seeing that little face light up when he looks at me – nothing beats it. I love the afternoon when I finish work and race home for some fun with my boys.

Quick questions…

Coffee or tea: Coffee
Heels or flats: Flats
Currently reading: Lonely Planet Morocco.
Favourite Instagram accounts: @stateofgeorgia @ma_hovina
Words of wisdom: Be happy just because.
Next travelling to: Austria and Morocco.
Favourite food: Pasta
Funniest moment of motherhood: Seeing River walk around in my animal print boots and his bike helmet.

Georgia’s little list of loves:

Currently I am on a six-day juice detox so my favourite things could very easily be food!
Coffee – I love the ritual of getting up in the morning and going for a coffee.
Having a bath with my baby boy is so much fun.
I’m mad about my new print, which I have done for State of Georgia’s new summer collection and so happy with how it has translated onto fabric – I just love it!
Being back in our Bali house as we have just got back from a three-month stint in Australia. It’s grounding and peaceful just being with my boys again. I’m loving getting up early on Sunday morning and heading to this cute little farmers market in Canggu. I can stock up on organic food for the week and River gets to feed the geese and play with the other Bali babies – something he loves to do.
Lying in my hammock watching River play. The simple things in life are always the best.
Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals recipe book. There are some winners in there and quick to do after work.
I love music all the time, but at the moment my partner has been outdoing himself with the early morning tunes!

Photography: Nikole Ramsay Words: Georgie Abay