The Tale Of Prudence Caroline & Theodore Oliveri

“After I left school I studied makeup artistry. I’ve always had a strong passion for art, architecture, interiors, fashion and all things beautiful. But I am a practical person and didn’t think that being a full time artist was possible, which is why I started where I did,” says artist Prudence Caroline...

“I only started giving painting more of my time when it started to capture the attention of friends and family.” Born and raised in Victoria’s Jan Juc, the creative spirit and mother to two-year-old Teddy garnered a loyal following after her artworks were featured on The Block back in 2013. She’s now one of the most popular emerging artists in Australia. “My artworks are abstract creations, influenced by an eclectic mix of street art, textiles, mid century architecture, flora and fauna, sunshine and four legged friends,” says Caroline who has since expanded her offering to include a line of homewares. We were thrilled to visit the stylish mother and son at their spectacular home…

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Motherhood has taught me patience…

I thought I was a patient person before becoming a mother! Also not to take things for granted, value the little things and family is everything.

To my younger self, I’d say…

Work hard and rest harder. Gone are the days of taking the afternoon to read a magazine.

I always found creating much more enjoyable than maths and English…

I do remember, in primary school, putting most of my energy into drawing elaborate, colourful, swirling, floral, polka dotted borders, rather than the content itself.

I’m not a morning person…

I work when Teddy goes to bed, so during the day I can give my full attention to him. We always try to fit in a long family beach walk every weekend.

I juggle my work and motherhood…

With coffee and sneakers!

Each day I’ll write a list of jobs I need to do….

There’s nothing better ticking them off once completed. I endeavour to get things done as I think of them, but I’m far from perfect.

I’m a bad procrastinator…

It’s one thing I’m really trying to work on. The house is always very clean when I have bookwork and emails to tend to. Then once the housework is all done and I’m actually in front of the computer, those little ‘online shopping’ emails pop up. I focus with strong coffee.

I’ve lived in our home for just over a year…

We’ve been planning it for over 10. The interior is a mix of insitu concrete walls (hubby is in the trade) brass, cedar and marble. We’ve added textures – velvet, ruched leather, sheep hide, linen to help soften the masculinity and brutality of the concrete. The artwork in our house changes a fair bit.. but most other things stay put. I really love the hallway. It’s the perfect place for Teddy to ride up and down on his trucks/scooter.

Prudence in a flash…

I start my day with… Earl Grey tea and avocado on something.
The secret to a happy marriage is…  to support each other.
Motherhood has taught me… grounding
The most exciting moment of my career was… my first magazine cover – Inside Out.
My time management secrets are… write things down and to walk really fast.
Life in Torquay is… relaxing. I’ve been here all my life and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.
Today I’m wearing… Needle & Thread skirt, bassike tank a vintage hat.
The last meal I ate was… Japanese baked salmon with edamame beans.
My last big fashion purchase wasSophia Webster butterfly heels.
My son has taught me… to be more free.
Love is… all you need.
I relax by… walking.
I get stressed when… I’m hungry.
My mother taught me… everything.
Next I’m travelling to… India.


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