The Tears, The Laughter & The Pure Love: Our Contributing Photographer Shares An Emotional Visual Journey Of Her Son’s First Day At School

When my eldest son started kindergarten a few weeks ago - much like the millions of mothers who have gone before me - I was nothing short of a basket case.

I blamed pregnancy hormones for the tears that streamed down my cheeks all day, but in reality, I know that it was a culmination of five years worth of emotion.

When our little ones are in the newborn stage, we wonder if the days and nights will ever end. When they’re toddlers who are finding their (very loud) voices, we’re not immune from wishing the days would come quickly to a close. And when they finally reach the point of starting school, we worry whether they’re ready. Will they be able to make friends? Is it okay that their p’s and b’s are consistently backwards? Will they know how to close a toilet stall door? Will they find their way back to the classroom after recess? The list of anxieties is endless.

So it’s no wonder that when that first day of big school rolls around, we’re often a barrel of nerves. Starting kindergarten is an enormous transitional period for our little children … and ourselves.

It should, therefore, come as no surprise that when I viewed our contributing photographer – Grace Alyssa Kyo’s – video and photo journey of her own son’s first day at school, I was once again reduced to a complete mess of tears. Not only do the photos capture Grace’s signature candid, beautiful style, but they so perfectly encapsulate the emotions, worries and love that come along with sending a child to school.

If you’ve just had a child start kindy, or are recalling days that have come and gone – I know you’re going to be moved by Grace’s touching tribute to her gorgeous Sebastian. Enjoy.