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The Top 8 Profiles of 2015: Peta Murchison

We’ have had the privilege of profiling a lot of inspiring women over the past one and a half years but this tale is the most special story we'’ve ever shared. Peta Murchison also happens to be one of the strongest women we'’ve ever met. She was our most viewed profile of 2015...

Mother to Mia, 5, and Toby, 3, Murchison is warm, beautiful and incredibly courageous. She’’s also caring for her five and a half year old daughter Mia, who was diagnosed with Batten disease or late infantile NCL in 2013. You might not have heard of Batten disease before, but it’’s a very rare degenerative disease, which is fatal and will rob Mia of her ability to walk, talk and see. In a few years it will take this beautiful little girl’’s life. This story is utterly heartbreaking, but it’’s also an inspiring and moving tale of one mother’’s extraordinary strength and love and a reminder to cherish every single precious moment with your little ones, because life is short and you never know what is around the corner. So hug them, kiss them, squeeze them, tickle them, love them and remember how blessed you are to be a mother. It’’s also National Batten Disease Awareness Day in March 2016 and we’’d love you to get involved again by joining the Bounce4Batten campaign. See the full story on Peta here. Photo: Julie Adams