We're a podcast for women looking for style, substance, and solidarity. We celebrate the paradox of modern motherhood; the struggle and the beauty, the joy and the relentlessness. We're known for our refreshingly honest and insightful conversations with parents, from celebrities to the extraordinary, ordinary women and men raising the next generation. The Grace Tales covers everything from the big questions ('how to raise good humans') to the very little ones ('are cardigans cool again?') Our host is former Australian VOGUE deputy editor Georgie Abay. Back in 2013, pregnant with her first child, Georgie no longer felt quite at home in the glossy magazine world, but nor did she see herself reflected in the sea of mummy blogs and online forums. Thus, The Grace Tales was born – a content-first platform covering profiles, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, interiors and food.

The tiny habits that we do everyday have the power to change our lives. Whether it's getting up early, so you have a moment to yourself before the kids wake up or making time to exercise or meditate or something as simple as a cup of tea in silence, these habits have a profound impact on our wellbeing and also our mental health. Yet, with small humans to care for, so many of us find it hard to start a new habit and stick to it. And we find ourselves in a rut which we can't get out of. In his book 'Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything', world-renowned behaviour scientist FJ Fogg looks at how we're approaching habits the wrong way.

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I don't think I've ever covered off so many topics in one interview before, but when I knew I had an hour on the phone with Oprah favourite, internationally renowned expert and best-selling author Julie Morgenstern's on time management, productivity and organising, I didn't want to miss a thing. You might want to listen to this episode a few times, and take notes!

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Is there anything more chic than a bunch of single-bloom flowers displayed in a beautiful apothecary-style vase? The answer is undoubtedly no, and a style that American in London Whitney Bromberg Hawkings champions on a daily basis through her company, FLOWERBX…

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Australian model, brand ambassador, entrepreneur and actor Megan Gale is one of Australia's most adored personalities. Born in Perth, her career began when she won a modelling competition at 18 in her hometown. The winner was told they would not only grace the cover of the now defunct CLEO magazine, but also feature in an eight-page fashion shoot inside the magazine. When the issue came out, Megan wasn't on the cover. And there was no eight-page shoot. It was a defining moment in her life and a reminder that the life of a model or celebrity isn't always as glamorous as it seems. But she did exactly what her mother taught her to do – she picked herself up, got on with it and never looked back.

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The Grace Tales is a global lifestyle platform for mothers searching for style, substance, and solidarity. Driven by creating content, community and connection, we celebrate the paradox of modern motherhood; the struggle and the beauty, the joy and the relentlessness.

If there's one word that probably sums up 2020 so far, it's stress. From bushfires to pandemics, redundancies to homeschooling, it's been a rocky road (and not always the delicious kind). Today's podcast episode with Dr Libby Weaver helps us to unpack all the different ways we're unknowingly adding stress to our lives, and how we can change our behaviour and attitudes to help alleviate that.

Dr Libby is an internationally acclaimed Nutritional Biochemist, author of 13 books, and highly sought after speaker. She's an expert on women's health, in both the mental and physical sense, and her latest book The Invisible Load is a must-read guide to overcoming stress and overwhelm.

We've been lucky enough to have Dr Libby speak at past Grace Tales events, and her impact was so powerful that our founder Georgie even gave up her 20-year coffee habit the day she first heard Dr Libby speak – she is just that good!

In today's timely episode, Dr Libby Weaver tells us:

  • The difference between stress and trauma
  • Why saying no is so important for our health
  • How stress affects your hormones, your weight, your metabolism, and more
  • How what people don't say to us often causes more stress than what they do say
  • What 'forehead words' are, and how they can stress us out
  • Why seven year olds all believe they're deficient
  • Why being ego-centric makes our lives harder
  • Why calories belong in a hospital emergency room
  • How relinquishing control can calm us down
  • Why she believes life happens for us, not to us

You can find out more about Dr Libby Weaver via her website, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube channel.

Read her latest book, The Invisible Load, here.

Latham Thomas describes her work as her 'calling' – and with a spot on Oprah's Super Soul 100, two best-selling books to her name, a host of celebrity clients and a global following via her Mama Glow brand, there's no doubt that she's living her purpose. Known on Instagram as Glow Maven, and as co-founder of the wildly popular Continuum Conference, Latham is an advocate for reproductive justice. As a doula, her work centers not only around birth but around supporting women through all points of the reproductive cycle. And with a deep respect for the traditions around divine femininity, the 'village' and sacred rituals of self-care, her holistic approach to caring for women is both modern, and informed by history.

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