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This is The Most Chic Pizza Party We’ve Ever Seen

When it comes to kids parties, we’re always on the hunt for new and exciting inspiration. So when stylist Romi Weinberg comes up with another stellar party for her daughter, we know it’s worthy of taking notes...

Her recent pizza party combined the whimsical nature of kids styling – think playful confetti, nostalgic lollies and pastel colour combos, with the grandeur of adult celebrations thanks to the feast-like grazing table. It’s this clever mix of simple yet stand-out that always seems to hit the right notes for both children and adults alike. 

We hit up Romi to get the lowdown on where she finds the inspiration for her events, where she sources her killer supplies, how she approaches the look and feel of each celebration and what she scrimps and saves on when she’s prepping. Needless to say, we have plenty of ideas up our sleeves for the next birthday party to hit our household. Ready to get inspired? 

Follow @romi_weinberg | Photography: Vicki Lauren

Who were your main suppliers for the pizza party? 

My main suppliers were Meri Meri… they do incredibly gorgeous partyware. Amazing confetti, paper straws, cups etc. I also hired all the furniture from Timbermill.

Do you have a one-stop-shop when it comes to party supplies or an amazing online store you scour?

I usually love to create as much as I can for my parties, so Spotlight is an absolute favourite! I also love DAISO which is an incredible discount Japanese chain store. Hot dollar stores are also great for interesting bits and pieces.

What do you usually do or make yourself vs outsource when it comes to kids’ parties?

I always outsource baking as that is not my forte. I do love decorating cupcakes and cakes though, so I usually order a plain cake and iced cupcakes then accessorise with figurine, lollies and fun toppers. To keep costs down, I mix the outsourced food with home-made fairy bread/cut-up fruit/sandwiches, just depending on the theme and time of day. Everything is always colour coordinated and designed to work together. I find very simple things can still have a high impact if displayed in an interesting way or using fun holders. I try to make as much as I can in terms of decor, keeping it original and unique.

Is there a sure-fire hit that you always have on hand for parties?

Probably not as much now, but when my girls were a little younger, I always created costumes for the guests. Most often, I made them myself but occasionally outsourced on eBay or the likes. It always adds a fun and playful touch when everyone is in theme.


How do you come up with the theme of your parties? 

Themes are always collaborative affairs in our house… my kids are always involved and we discuss possible ideas for the look and feel of all ideas at length until finally we come to the one.

What are some of the big trends for kids’ parties at the moment?

Pamper parties, bubble soccer and slime parties.

Do you have to keep things like less sugar and food intolerances in mind when organising parties? 

I’m not one to be mindful of sugar at my parties. I believe that parties are a time to indulge, have fun and for kids to be kids. We are very healthy and conscious of too much sugar in our home but I believe in teaching my kids moderation. A few treats at a party is fine by me. I do always accommodate food allergies and/or dietary requirements. I usually serve dinner at my parties and will always provide special meals for anyone who needs it. 

Is there an easy way to cater for parents as well as kids when it comes to food and dining? 

I always create a separate table for the adults with a grazing table of sorts and rose on ice is mandatory.

Where do you look for inspiration when it comes to parties and entertaining? 

Pinterest and Instagram are a constant source of inspiration for me. I have folders on both platforms for absolutely everything in my life.  I’m constantly filing images and ideas I find which I refer back to at party time.

If your budget only allows for one splurge for a birthday party - what should that be spent on? 

Without doubt, it would be the entertainment. If the kids are entertained and happy everything else will be fine. My girls always rate a party by what they did, not the cake/the decor or the take home!