We've heard that so many of you delight in reading the stories of our members across the world, and we know this week's subject will be no different.

As the founder of Luxuosa Residences, the wonderful Joanna White may soon be your go-to woman when it comes to booking luxurious, family-friendly holidays. We were delighted to speak to Joanna about her road to becoming a business owner, how she manages the work-life juggle and of course, her top travel picks. We're ready to pack our bags and come right with you, Joanna!

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There is no doubt every mum needs a break, but actually finding the people/places/tools/time to have one is a different story altogether…

This travel story wouldn't make much sense if I didn't give you the context surrounding it, so I'll start by saying I've had, quite simply, the worst year of my life. On the same week my daughter started kindergarten, my dear father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Two days before my 38th birthday, he died. Although life goes on, particularly with small needy children, putting one foot in front of the other on days where all I wanted to do was cry has been particularly tough. So when my boss and friend Georgie initially suggested I might like to have a break, I dismissed it as I have done countless times before…

To be honest, friends, family and even my husband have hinted that I might like to go on a break a few times before, but really, the mere thought left me feeling pretty annoyed. How flippant of people to suggest that a mum – the primary carer of two small children – could just up and leave from, well, everything for a few days? While the notion seemed appealing, the reality always seemed way too tricky to put into practice, but it seems, I've been wrong all along.

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