How To Treat Yourself: Tamara Ecclestone’s Guide

As mothers we spend so much time caring for others we routinely forget to look after ourselves. Self-care?

You’ll find it buried beneath the work deadlines and piles of washing. So who better to inspire you to take time out to treat yourself than Tamara Ecclestone, heiress daughter to Formula One billionaire Bernie. Hers may be a 57-room, £70million-mansion in London’s most expensive street, boasting a staff of 50 – but Tamara is a woman who works for a living. She juggles her time between several businesses – her Show Dry blow-dry bars, Show Beauty hair-care products and her all-natural skincare line for children, Fifi & Friends – as well as looking after her four-year-old daughter Sophia (or Fifi for short), to whom she is unquestionably devoted. She doesn’t have a nanny, Sophia is still breastfed at bedtime, sleeps with mum and dad and Tamara didn’t leave her to go out for the night until she was three-years-old. Her gentle baby skincare was born out of her desire to care for Sophia’s delicate skin (it is free of any parabens, sulphates, silicones and is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested). When we meet to chat and mark its launch in Harvey Nichols, the interview suite is scattered with colourful playmats and toys, so that Sophia is entertained while mummy is close by.

So how do you indulge in a little me-time when money is no object? It surprised me to learn that Tamara’s treats are not so disconnected from the real world – I may even have tried a few myself.

Words: Claire Brayford

How do you make time for yourself?

I could be better at it. I definitely understand that mums are riddled with guilt but to give the best version of yourself to your child it’s important to take time out – even if it’s just 20 minutes in the morning. As soon as everyone wakes up in our house it’s ‘go go go’. So I like to get up before Sophia, brush my teeth, have a tea and then get back into bed and wake her up – it’s the only time that the house is quiet. In the evening, I like to have a bath and I book a massage once a week. I put the phone down and enjoy pure relaxation.

How do you make sure you get a good night’s sleep?

Fifi sleeps in the bed with us – I feel like she will be in there until she is 27. Before I was getting woken up, but her sleep has become really good recently and she only ever kicks my husband, which is fine. He’s like: ‘She kicks in the night!’ and I’m like: ‘Yeah – sorry’ [laughs]. I really like that she sleeps with us and Jay does too. I can see if he really didn’t want it and I did, it would cause tension but it doesn’t. I do always have my phone next to my head though and I always check it if I wake up in the night. I wish I could charge my phone somewhere further away, but I don’t.

Do you spend a lot of time on your beauty regime?

I’m really enjoying the low maintenance me since becoming a mum – it’s a rarity to have makeup on. Usually, I just brush my teeth, brush my hair and I’m good to go. I feel like I live in leggings and trainers. When I’m running around I want to carry Sophia, and I want to kiss her so I want to have clean skin. I said to her in the car today: ‘Mummy hates wearing makeup, I want to smother you in kisses’.

What do you do for fun? 

Fun is usually stuff with Sophia. We go to the cinema and have popcorn, go to the park and feed the ducks, go to the Aquarium and the zoo – it’s probably quite boring to most people. 

What is your guilty pleasure?

The sofa, a hot water bottle, some tea and reality TV – watching things that don’t require much thought – especially The Real Housewives. The minute I get home I have to put my pyjamas on. Makeup off, hair up, bra off – I cannot understand how people can be fully clothed in their house. I love Victoria’s Secret pyjamas – not the silk ones they’re too fancy, I like the cotton ones when they get really bobbly after you’ve worn them loads.

Where do you like to escape?

Funnily enough, Fifi loves the London Eye, she always begs to go on it. It’s our special thing. It’s like being in a quiet bubble looking at the whole of London.

Do you enjoy exercising?

My sister and I do it together – we have kids the same age so we drop them off at the same nursery and then we go to the gym, go on the treadmill or do pilates – it’s so nice to do it with someone and my sister and I are so close. When I am on the way there I think, ‘Ugh, I’d rather have a Kit Kat and a cup of tea’ but when I’m done I’m always glad.

What makes you happy? 

Watching Fifi. She got ‘Star Of The Week’ at school this week so that put me in the best mood. She has become very good at sharing, and is more outgoing now – watching her grow up and evolve is such an amazing feeling.

What do you find rewarding?

My website Tamara Gives Back, where I auction my clothes and every penny goes to the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity – I’ve been doing it for years now. Charity work is something very important to me and Great Ormond Street is amazing. It’s nice to be able to give back as obviously we are really privileged. When I think of the parents whose child is in hospital, sick or hasn’t had the easiest start in life it’s so heartbreaking. It always was, but having a child of your own, you feel it so much more. I visited the children when Fifi was a baby and I haven’t been since. I’m so emotional and get upset really easily, you don’t want people to see you get upset you want to be strong so I’m scared to go.

What is your motto in life?

It used to be: ‘Don’t get mad get even’. But now I feel like I don’t want to get mad, I don’t want to get even, I want to rise above. I feel like I am in such a happy, fulfilled place it’s not about getting revenge, I’m focusing on what is truly important to me – my family and my daughter. Everything else is irrelevant. My life philosophy has changed a lot since becoming a mum. Things that used to trouble me don’t trouble me in the slightest now.

What's one of your favourite times of the day? 

Bathtime is a really nice time for us both to unwind. Fifi really likes baths and we have it together. She always asks: ‘Can we use Fifi?’ We fill the bath with the Super Soft Baby Wash – she absolutely loves it and I love the Detangling Spray as my hair gets so knotty. She loves the bubbles and having her hair washed – I know – my niece and nephews hate having their hair washed but she loves it.

What would be your perfect date?

A night in with my husband. I feel he works really hard and we don’t spend that much time together so to have an evening together – I think it’s really important in a marriage to still make time for one another. Having children is all-consuming. Men need a little bit of work, you have got to put gas in the car otherwise it doesn’t go anywhere. We do have date nights where we dress up and go out but we are both so tired we’re more likely to order in and watch a movie. My days of partying are over. 

What do you love to eat?

I live on carbs. I don’t eat meat so I do eat a lot of pasta and pizza – my favourite food is Italian. There is a really nice pub near our house that’s casual and cozy and does great Thai food.

What would be your ultimate treat?

Jay and I talk about going to hotel for the weekend. He has a birthday coming up in March so we can go to do that. I actually love the Corinthia hotel in London, I have never been to the spa so I would love to go and really relax.

What are your little indulgences?

It used to be scented candles but now I hate the thought of Fifi burning herself so lip balm and hand cream. I’m the Mary Poppins of lip balm and hand cream. I love Kiehl’s and Eve Lom Kiss Mix.