UK Editor Claire Brayford Shares The Cutest Pieces For Kids This Spring

Don’t fight the clothes. I think that was the single best piece of parenting advice I have ever been given. When it comes to dressing children, I find allowing them to express their personality and individuality to be paramount...

Thankfully at booming children’s e-tailer Melijoe, individuality is certainly catered for.

While every luxury designer worth their salt – from Gucci to Balmain – now has a childrenswear line, navigating the sea of styles isn’t easy. But I love that each label on the Melijoe site is unique and has a strong sense of identity. The luxury brands are carefully edited and mixed with up-and-coming names (and the sale section is pretty amazing too).

With this much character, you can dress your little character just as themselves. Here, my all-time favourite pieces for winter…

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For Girls

The Dream Dress

Pull Your Socks Up

Fit For Mermaid

Sweet As Cherry Pie

In One

Art Attack

Cosy Up

Throw Some Shade

Fancy Footwork

Jump To It

For Boys

Get Ahead

A Home Run

Run This Time

Statement Style

In The Frame

Best Of Friends

Down With The Kids

Pack Mentality

Under Wraps

In The Jeans