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The Ultimate Royal Baby Gift Guide

Prince Louis has been here for less than two weeks, yet his Royal Highness is already stirring up quite the fashion fever...

Even before his first birthday, it is predicted the latest British royal will bring a £50million boost to the UK economy. You can’t swing an Aden + Anais muslin without another story on “how to get the royal baby look”. So who better to ask on how to nail ‘Lindo-Wing chic’ than the little man himself – here are HRH’s thoughts:

The Royal Babysuit

“According to financial analysts, the hype around my arrival is going to be less than my brother and sister because of Uncle Harry’s pending nuptials – well excuse me! I intend to be as much of a trendsetter as big bro’. I already have my eye on Rachel Riley’s babysuit, embroidered with Great Granny’s guards. Mummy shopped there for George and he’s supposed to have changed the way people look at boyswear so that is exactly where I’ll be heading, thank you very much.”

The Royal Footwear

“As a ‘marketing influencer with a powerful, global audience’ at the ripe-old-age of four days – one really does need to put one’s best foot forward, which is why when I’m up-and-about (which let’s face it will be faster than most babies, I do descend from George II) I’ll be wearing Papouelli’s Poppi shoes. They have the softest leather – George swears by them.”

The Royal Bonnet

“When mummy and daddy brought me out for my photocall when I arrived, mummy said: “It is a bit windy. He might get cold. Let’s go now,” or so a lip-reader told the Daily Mirror. It is certainly chilly in the British springtime, which is why mummy always puts on my Carmelita baby bonnet from La Coqueta in a lovely dusty blue. I do so like to be cosy.”

The Royal Bubbles

“One does love a good royal wallow before bed, especially when it’s filled with Bloom & Blossom’s The BFG, Bath, Book and Bedtime collection – it really is such a larrf. Daddy likes all the silly pictures (especially the Grobby Little Grub) and mummy says it’s good for sensitive royal skin as it contains sweet orange, lavender and patchouli. What fun!”

The Royal Towel

“Brrr great-grandad hates getting cold – he still moans about sitting on that ‘damn barge’ for Great Granny’s Jubilee – and post-bathing is the worst. That is why I really must insist on Baby Mori’s microcotton towel. It dries in half the time of normal cotton (one never keeps a royal waiting) and the hood can be embroidered with either one’s insignia or initials.”

The Royal Bib

“One should always dress up for supper– especially when great-granny is coming over – which is why I wear my Make My Day bib with bow-tie. Granddad pinches my cheek and says I really am a chip off the old block, whatever that means.”

The Royal Teddy

“Teddies, in my opinion, should have a distinctly regal air, which is why I only allow Steiff bears into my cot (this one is by Tiffany). None of that Night Garden riff-raff in here, thank you.”

The Royal Car

“We Cambridge’s do like to travel in style. When I’m older I shall whizz around Kensington Palace on my Bentley Baghera ride-on racing car – watch out Corgis, wheeee!”

The Royal Suitcase

“Packing in our household is quite a grand affair. Mummy and daddy have an organised luggage tag system with a different colour label for each family member. And two heirs can never travel together on the same flight so the royal lineage is protected. When I visit Uncle Harry and Aunty Meghan, I will be packing my luxury leather Meminio memory suitcase – personalised with HRH, natch.”

The Royal Bedlinen

“Now I really must get some rest – it’s hard work being RB3! I shall just snuggle down beneath my Cologne & Cotton jacquard cotton cot covers – mummy says it’s vulgar to talk about money, but they are awfully good value – and one does love the jungle and rabbit prints. TTFN.”