A week or so into his first term of kindergarten, my eldest son came home asking to listen to "balloon bellies." After some investigation, I came to understand that he was referring to a meditation. Specifically, a Smiling Mind breath meditation.

Considering Isaac's previous listening requests had consisted almost exclusively of The Greatest Showman Soundtrack and Scatman by Scatman John (honestly), I knew Smiling Mind must be on to something.

It turned out his class were undertaking a daily meditation practice after lunchtime, with the help of Smiling Mind. Isaac told me it made him feel calm and ready to learn ("and I've only fallen asleep ONCE, Mum!"). Cue: frantic downloading of the app and a personal mission to make this part of our lives.

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Classic boots. Gorgeous mules. Are there any more coveted styles of shoes in a mother's wardrobe? We don't think so.

Coveting the perfect pair is one thing. But finding them is another entirely. Which is exactly how Brigitte Sharp felt when she decided to launch her range of direct to consumer luxury footwear – Lou.

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'Mum, I'm bored'…it's probably the phrase we've all heard one too many times since we started socially distancing and relegating ourselves to our homes. And when your every suggestion is met with a 'no', it can be all too tempting to just surrender to the appeal of an iPad...

But Gabbie Stroud, bestselling author of Teacher and now her newest release Dear Parents, believes we need to empower children to create their own fun. And yes, that might mean messy, complicated, needs-to-be-cleaned-up fun. Hear her out.

Dear Parents is available for purchase here.

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I'll admit that when I reached out to Boob to Food's Luka McCabe, I did so somewhat selfishly. Mourning the imminent conclusion of breastfeeding my last baby, and somewhat confused about conflicting research around weaning (despite him being my third child), I thought Luka might be able to shed some light.

And wow, was I right. With a business – and a movement – known as Boob to Food, it makes sense that Luka is an expert in all things weaning. The registered midwife and nutrition student is passionate about feeding mothers and children, believing that if good foundations are set at an early age, bad habits (and preventative diseases) can be avoided later in life.

Perhaps most pleasingly for the confused among us, Luka is not a steadfast proponent of baby-led weaning or purees, but rather, taking an approach that suits your family and your child best. As long as it's nutrient-dense and enjoyable, Luka approves.

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