Vashti Whitfield on Unlocking Our Human Potential – Episode​ 31 of The Grace Tales Podcast - The Grace Tales

Vashti Whitfield on Unlocking Our Human Potential – Episode​ 31 of The Grace Tales Podcast

I first interviewed Vashti Whitfield over two years ago for The Grace Tales, and it’s still one of our top performing pieces of content on the site.

Last year, on International Women’s Day, Vashti spoke at one of our GRACE Talks events and the way she spoke left many of our guests in tears. But that’s Vashti – she has a powerful effect on people, and the ability to spark change in people. And really, that’s the thing so many of us find hard – The ability to change. Vashti is an internationally renowned transformational facilitator, executive coach, documentary maker, sought after MC and global speaker. She’s a British Sydney-based mother of two children.

Nine years ago, Vashti lost her husband – British actor Andy Whitfield. And while Vashti’s story is full of heartbreak, as she’ll tell you today, there is opportunity for growth in any given situation. It was after the passing of her husband, that Vashti chose to convert her own tragic loss into a catalyst to educate and inspire millions of people around the world. Vashti now works with people all over the world on how to harness human potential through purpose, passion and potential.

In today’s conversation, we look at what genuine connection looks like, the power of listening, dealing with unimaginable grief, and the importance of reframing situations in life and the power of our mindset.

In today’s conversation, we cover:

  • How we live for human connection, yet so many people feel disconnected.
  • What is genuine human connection?
  • How we can cultivate authentic connection.
  • How listening is such an important skill, yet so many of us don’t listen.
  • Status anxiety and why we worry about how people view us on the outside rather than the inside.
  • The loss of identity so many women experience after they have children.
  • How to navigate loss and death with children.
  • The stages of grief after losing a loved one.
  • The importance of reframing situations in life.
  • The power of our mindset.

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