Want to cook healthy meals for your babies and toddlers in a flash? This is the ultimate timesaving kitchen appliance

I’ll never forget when I first got my baby onto solids. I’d spend Saturday nights in the kitchen surrounded by batches of puree. I’d boil or steam the veggies slowly, then blend them into various concoctions...

I’d then spend the next hour cleaning up the mess I’d made. In my hazy sleep-deprived state, it was weirdly satisfying. At least, for the first couple of weeks. The excitement over making puree late at night quickly wore off. After a few cooking sessions, I didn’t feel as satisfied when it was all finished. Just tired, left with masses of pots and pans to scrub and surrounded by blobs of bright orange puree.

I wish I had known about the Beaba Babycook back then. Boy, would my Saturday nights have been more exciting. Want to know more about this amazing appliance? It’s the product that revolutionlised traditional infant feeding by offering parents an easy, safe and well-designed way to cook healthy and tasty food for babies and toddlers.

The patented system allows parents to steam, blend, warm and defrost delicious and nutritious meals in a matter of minutes. That’s kind of the genius part – it’s so time-efficient. When you’re a new mum, no one has time to spend hours in the kitchen (trust me, I tried). We all want to feed our kids well, but we need to do it quickly.

What does it do? It cooks, chops, defrosts, steams and blends healthy food for babies and toddlers. It’s kind of like having a helping hand in the kitchen. You can prepare food in 15 minutes and if needed, you can use it one handed (I know, they’ve really thought of everything). There are lots of kitchen accessories which you can also order such as kitchen scales, a pasta cooker, veggie chopper, storage containers, feeding tools such as bowls, cutlery etc. There’s also a fantastic kids cookbook (buy it here). You can prepare several meals at once and refrigerate or freeze leftovers, then simply defrost and reheat right in the Beaba Babycook. If you really want to up the ante and get this food prep stuff done and dusted, the Beaba Babycook Duo means you can prepare twice as many delicious and nutritious meals simultaneously.

Did I mention it also looks good in your kitchen? Well of course it does – the company is French. There are a number of colour combinations to pick from (how chic is the grey?). You’ll also be happy to know that all plastic components are BPA-Free and phthalate-free.

Ok, so here’s what I recommend. Give yourself a break. Buy a Babycook and also buy the cookbook, so you have an endless source of recipe ideas. And on Saturday nights, turn on a good TV series (we’re into Billions at the moment), grab a glass of wine and relax.

To shop or for more information, go to www.beabausa.com or www.thestorknest.com.au | In association with Beaba