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We Found The Table Of Our Dreams (And it’s Perfect for Family Living)

“I often describe concrete as being ‘perfectly imperfect’. Each and every slab is hand-poured, meaning they each have their own unique markings and characteristics, creating a truly one-off piece,” explains Emma Hodges. It’s no wonder she’s so passionate about concrete – she’s the owner of SLABS By Design, which specialises in custom concrete furniture, benchtops and bespoke architectural pieces for commercial and residential projects...

“Concrete is also extremely versatile, with a huge range of colours available in different textures – from smooth and highly polished to raw and industrial. All our pieces are sealed with a high-grade commercial sealant, making it a really durable surface, especially for families with young children!”

Highly practical for family living, SLABS By Design also takes customisation to the next level. Gone are the days when concrete was only available in grey – options now include heavenly colours such as mint, blush, apricot (pictured here), khaki, marine. Then there are multiple Terrazzo options: blush, olive, putty, pebble – to name just a few.

“All our pieces are hand-crafted right here in Sydney, meaning we can customise our entire range in size and colour. We focus on creating designs that have a clean and simple aesthetic, which are timeless and functional. How our furniture works for you and your space is just as crucial as how it looks. We also offer a bespoke design service for clients who are looking to create something totally unique for their home,” she says.

From coffee tables to desks to dining tables, SLABS makes all your interior dreams come true. At least, since this SLABS apricot table arrived, ours have. 

To view their full range, go to www.slabsbydesign.com.au | Photography: Grace Alyssa Kyo