We Got invited to High Tea with Megan Hess to celebrate Her New Children's Book. Here's What Happened - The Grace Tales

We Got invited to High Tea with Megan Hess to celebrate Her New Children’s Book. Here’s What Happened

It’s not every day you get invited to have high tea with the remarkable Melbourne-based fashion illustrator Megan Hess to celebrate the launch of her second children’s book from her Claris series (a gorgeous tale which follows the life of a very stylish little mouse in Paris called Claris)...

The second book, Fashion Show Fiasco, is a firm favourite in our house (and lucky we have two copies, so the girls don’t fight over it). “I always hope that Claris connects with children firstly because of her size. Claris sees the world from the perspective of someone small and I think that’s just how little children feel – the world is sometimes very big and overwhelming. I wanted her to be confident to be herself and regardless of her size (and the fact that she’s wearing a couture dress), she is brave and not afraid to help someone in need. Claris is optimistic, kind and always willing to help someone in need. The books are for both girls and boys but I especially wanted little girls to know that it’s ok to love fashion, it doesn’t mean that you’re frivolous or silly. You can wear whatever makes your heart sing and still be a great person and conquer the world!”, says Megan.
Here, a glimpse at her gorgeous launch at the Sofitel in Sydney.

To buy the book, go to www.meganhess.com


Megan Hess with The Grace Tales’ Georgie Abay and Beauticate’s Sigourney Cantelo