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We’ve Collaborated with Marzoline on The Most Divine Collection of Scrunchies

By now, you've probably cottoned onto the fact that scrunchies are back. So ahead of the festive season, we are so excited to reveal a little project we’ve been working on recently with the Italian twin sisters Allegra and Desideria Tantalo behind luxury head accessories brand Marzoline Milano...

The collaboration began over coffee at George in London earlier in the year, where our UK editor Claire Brayford and founder Georgie Abay met with Desideria for the first time to discuss what we’d do. We decided on a limited edition collection of gorgeous scrunchies – for both women and children – in silk and velvet in beautiful rich tones such as emerald green and burgundy.

The end result? A very special range scrunchies for both women and children, in velvet and silk (the silk ones can be embroidered with your initials). The scrunchies are entirely made in Italy in a historical atelier owned by a very experienced Italian manufacturer and the brand reflects their commitment in supporting Italian craftsmanship and premium quality fabrics. We’re all about buying less, but buying better. Buying things that spark joy and will be treasured for years to come.

These beautiful scrunchies are to be loved forever. And they’re also the dream Christmas gifts (husband, are you reading this?) not to mention a super cute way to finish off both you and your little one’s outfit. We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve created. Just click on the link below to see the full range. Merry Christmas Grace mamas! 

To shop the collection, please go to www.marzoline.com

Allegra and Desideria Tantalo