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What Our Managing Editor Gemma Is Hoping For For Mother’s Day

As a mother to 2-year-old India and a mother-to-be deep in her second pregnancy, we think Gemma deserves everything on her list ...

A pregnancy massage

I had one of these at Bump Day Spa in my last pregnancy and I still dream about it – I think it’s the most relaxed I’ve been since I was in utero myself.

Unfortunately at the moment massages are off the (massage) table, but thankfully gift vouchers can still be purchased.

A bunch of flowers

Do I hope they’re Jodie? Sure. Will I be thrilled with some roses from Coles? Let’s just say I have three tattoos of flowers on my body, and my partner has taken the hint and given me flowers once ever in our entire relationship. (Counting? Me? Of course not.)

Sparkling Daisy Flower Crown Ring

Speaking of flowers, this cute Pandora piece would be perfect for layering and stacking, which is how I like to do rings.

A Miimi & Jiinda original

This one might have to last me for every Mothers Day for the rest of my life – but an original artwork by Miimi & Jiinda is on my ‘one day’ dream list.

Silk pyjamas

I’m going to be spending a lot more time in my PJs come July, but with a newborn, they’ll need to be machine-washable. Lunya‘s washable silk set has a button down top perfect for breastfeeding.

Salt by Hendrix body oil

Dry winter skin + pregnancy is not a fun combination. But Neroli + Argan oil is.


I am hanging out for a G&T but in the meantime, non-alcoholic spirits are a thing! Seedlip is my drink of choice for the next few months.

Hey Tiger chocolate

I am a sucker for good packaging, and Hey Tiger do it better than anyone, but what’s inside is even better – if that’s possible. I’ll take a Fairy Wings and a Summer In The City, if you’re offering.

A couples workout

Hear me out – when my partner and I were first dating, we worked out regularly together. We both love exercise, and since we’ve never been able to agree on a movie, this is our version of quality time. With a toddler in the mix, these days we tag team, but I’m genuinely looking forward to the next time we can schedule a workout date together. In about 5 years.