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What The Grace Tales Team Is Loving This Month

There's a certain theme floating around The Grace Tales office at the moment, and it feels a little something like 'rest'.

Following a host of international events, the launch of GRACE MOTHERS: Letters To Our Children, our latest edition of GRACE Magazine and the regular features on this site of ours, we’re feeling the need to take a breath. 

Which is why this month, our list of loves is looking very relaxed and indulgent. Here’s what we’re loving as we seek to embrace the slow down …  

Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment

We all know the importance of night-time skincare, but one that helps us to get off to sleep as well? Sold. This overnight treatment gives the type of radiant, healthy-looking skin that comes with a good night’s sleep, but also uses aromatherapy and the power of scent to help relax the mind and enhance sleep quality. It’s been a must-have to deal with the hangover of recent jet lag and the reality of young children.

$110 | Murad

Seraphina Pyjamas

While it’s beginning to cool down in Australia, nights are still relatively balmy, which means a pyjama set that is both breathable and still cosy is a must. This set by Seraphina is made of their finest mulul, which is a soft cotton muslin that was once exclusive to the Indian Royal Family. You know what they say … If it’s good enough for the royals … 

£165.00 | Seraphina

Ettitude Bamboo Quilt Cover

Just when we thought linen had firmly cemented itself in our subconscious, along came bamboo. Ettitude’s 100% organic bamboo lyocell fabric is so deliciously smooth that it makes sleep even more inviting. Now time to try the sheets for our little ones, in the hope that they feel the same way about bed time …

$165 for Queen size | Ettitude

London Tea Dress Company Rizzo Dress

We’re never ones to say no to a print, but when that print is of a don’t-mess-with-me leopard, it’s even more appealing. Great for layering with a chunky knit and boots, or just embracing its simplicity with sandals – it’s the perfect trans-seasonal piece.

£165.00 | London Tea Dress Company

The Cle Collective Essential Oil Blends

The Cle Collective has recently launched a line of essential oil rollers for babies and children, and the names alone have us hooked. Their baby bundle includes “Teethy,” “Tired,” “Tantrum,” and “Tummy,” which have all been expertly blended to help relieve children of some of their most common woes. Which we all know means helping us in the process. 

$65 Baby Blend Bundle | The Cle Collective

Frank Body Hair Duo Kit

Body products were never the same following the introduction of Frank Body’s delectable coffee scrubs, and now that they’ve expanded to hair care, we couldn’t be happier. Their caffeinated scalp scrub removes product build-up while their mask helps to restore damaged hair. It’s all natural, and it’s everything we never knew our hair needed.

Frank Body Hair Duo Kit | $34.95


Despite having read this book a multitude of times now, it still remains a joy to open and devour. Whether it’s a simple reminder to take delight in the little things, shedding a tear over a heartfelt sentiment, or pouring over the beautiful images – it remains a staple on our coffee tables.