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What We’re Reading This Week

This week, it's all about motherhood. How it impacts our brains, how it looks around the world, and how it shapes our careers. Here's what we're reading across the internet this week.

  • By far the most brilliant and thought-provoking piece this week – As Working Women, We Have Been Short-Changed. Here’s an excerpt that has been making its way across social media, “It’s also high time that our wealthy nation valued the hidden economic labour that goes into raising healthy children and stopped treating motherhood as some kind of “add on” that women choose. The unfair expectation that a woman will happily toil away at home and in the office, only to see her salary eaten up by childcare and tax is insulting. It’s also disheartening when women see their male colleagues promoted and paid more because they didn’t take time off to look after children. But the ultimate blow comes in retirement, when a woman faces the horrifying reality that she doesn’t have enough superannuation to get by. All the “you-can-do-anything” messaging directed at young girls and the mindfulness coaching that purports to console the stressed-out worker will remain shallow and false until we face the elephant in the room: Today’s working family, in particular the working woman, has been short-changed. And the fight isn’t over.”
  • Tips for working from home with children around … We’ll take it! (Until then, it remains a completely hopeless task.)
  • “Embrace self-care! Make time for YOU!” We’ve all heard it … But what happens when you actually do it? On Mother Mag this week, Kristen Vandivier talks about deciding to leave her one-year-old and three-year-old children in order to live in an Ashram in India for three months, and the clarity it ultimately brought her and her family.
  • Fabulous news … Motherhood changes our brains. Possibly forever.
  • A fascinating insight into what motherhood looks like across the world – from childcare to childbirth and healthcare.
  • Finally, in celebration of International Women’s Day last week, an ode to the mediocre woman.