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What We’re Reading This Week

This week, it's all about pregnancy and the post-birth emotions. The highs, the lows and the downright game-changing ... Here's what we're reading this week.

  • “I told him that I hated him, that he was inconsiderate, and that he couldn’t do anything right. Then, I handed him the baby and stormed off to cry on the bathroom floor. It was that uncontrollable crying where you can’t catch your breath.” Apparently, it’s very normal (and totally okay) to hate your partner after having a baby.
  • “Five weeks ago, a 20-year-old named Arifa Sultana delivered a baby in a hospital in southwestern Bangladesh. Sultana had received limited prenatal care in her rural village, but she had no problems during delivery and returned home with her husband and infant son. Less than a month later, Sultana was rushed to another hospital with stomach pain and another burst of amniotic fluid. When doctors examined her, they realized she was in labor—this time with twins.” The true story of a mother with two uteruses, who gave birth twice in a month (to three babies).
  • Don’t mind me … I’ll just be jetting off to give birth in Japan at this hospital that makes having a baby a five-star experience. (All the post-pregnancy sashimi cravings will be satisfied.)
  • It’s Autism Awareness Month, and I found this podcast to be really insightful, sharing Monique Cain’s story of how she struggled with the initial diagnosis of her daughter and how she’s learned to not only cope but thrive with two autistic children in her life.