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What We’re Reading This Week

Parents of school children ... If you've hit the end-of-term wall, then make yourself a cup of tea sink into a few articles from across the web this week.

  • Sometimes exploring and learning on a device first is less intimidating than trying out new skills with real people – especially for children on the autism spectrum. These apps that help kids with communication, organisation and even social-awareness skills are good to bookmark.
  • Wow … Just when we thought the birth announcements were enough, here’s a whole new world of comparison – godparent proposals. (That said, I really wouldn’t mind some of those macarons.)
  • Do you kiss your children on the lips? This seems to be a real point of contention for parents all over … What are your thoughts?
  • Showing once and for all that you really can’t win when it comes to pregnancy, Japanese women aren’t gaining enough weight during their gestational period, and it’s proving to have a lasting impact on their children.
  • In what must be a first for celebrity culture, mama-of-four Hilaria Baldwin has begun documenting her (anticipated) miscarriage on Instagram. Devastating and heartfelt, I wonder whether this will start opening up the conversation about the hardly-talked-about but so-often-experienced topic.
  • Add this to the list of “things we never thought would happen” – a new device is allowing men to breastfeed. Not sure yet if it’s fabulous or creepy… Or just completely unnecessary.