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What We’re Reading This Week

It hasn't all been about the royal baby this week (okay, a lot of it has been) - here's what else has been going around the web. From satirical pieces on how to be a good mum, to getting your partner to take on more emotional labour - there's lots to be immersed in this week.

  • “The lowest point of my marriage was probably when I was excessively pregnant with our second daughter. It was 90 degrees outside every day, and I had blown past my due date with no signs of labor. I had trouble falling asleep but had finally drifted off one night when my husband came home from a work event and woke me up. I had a brief and fleeting desire to bludgeon him with a bedside lamp.” Feel like you’re fighting with your spouse constantly after the arrival of your children? Well, you’re not alone. The New York Times shared some tips on how to deal with ALL OF THE ANGER.
  • Now on that topic – finally! A practical guide to getting your partner to take on more emotional labour! (Unstacking the dishwasher, noticing there’s no milk, organising playdates … It never ends.) Let’s implement some of these tips.
  • Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations is always a must-listen, but this week’s talk by Dr Sheafli provides next-level inspiration for parents. You’ll want to re-listen and take notes. 
  • “Our relationship will never be what it was before I went to college. She’s still someone I turn to for certain kinds of advice, like peripheral parenting stuff, but mostly, our relationship is transactional; we talk about my kids. She snaps very quickly. She has a lot of anger issues. And I would never call my mom after 5:00 p.m. because I know she’s going to be drinking.” … A deep dive into mother/daughter relationships that can be oh-so-complicated.
  • Love this piece on how to be the best mum. “Is your toddler still nursing? Maybe your toddler could be a breastfeeding influencer. A nursencer? A babyfluencer? An infantcer? A breastmancer? A toddl-er? That’s the regular word. Well, call it something good and maybe other people will pay attention to him too.”
  • Well, this might be taking Baby Mozart to an unnecessary level … A tampon-type speaker that allows your unborn baby to listen to music. (Hmm.)