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What We’re Reading This Week (Apart From GRACE MOTHERS)

While it's been tough to pull our heads out of our new coffee table book - GRACE MOTHERS - there are some other links around the web that have caught our attention this week. Here's what we've been reading.

  • Such an important topic at a critical time – the best books that celebrate Muslim faith and culture.
  • Thank goodness – it’s not just me! Turns out wanting to ‘eat’ your child actually makes you a better parent. Phew!
  • Having experienced what my nurse referred to as an “unparalleled oversupply” with my first two children, don’t put it past me to take a little inspiration from this woman when baby #3 comes along … Yep, she’s selling her breastmilk online.
  • Gosh, do we all need some joy right about now. So perfect timing that Queer Eye Season 3 has been released on Netflix. Now that I’ve made my way through all but one episode (pregnancy insomnia has its grip on me), I can happily proclaim that Bobby shines in this season. Here’s a little peek into some of the rooms he has created.
  • It seems that we’re living in a time of the grandparent, with lots of talk around the web this week about the role grandparents play. From Motherly to Jamila Rizvi, there are some great reads. And keep your eye out for our next edition of GRACE Magazine, where we’re sharing a series of stories about the role grandparents can play in the lives of their children and grandchildren.