FLOWERBX founder Whitney Bromberg Hawkins on The Journey Behind Her Biggest Career Change - Episode​ 18 of The Grace Tales Podcast - The Grace Tales

FLOWERBX founder Whitney Bromberg Hawkins on The Journey Behind Her Biggest Career Change – Episode​ 18 of The Grace Tales Podcast

Is there anything more chic than a bunch of single-bloom flowers displayed in a beautiful apothecary-style vase? The answer is undoubtedly no, and a style that American in London Whitney Bromberg Hawkings champions on a daily basis through her company, FLOWERBX… 

As someone with an undeniable sense of style that was honed through working for Tom Ford for 19 years, Whitney saw a gap in the market for a high-end (but accessible) shopping experience online, not dissimilar to Net-a-Porter, but solely for flowers. By sourcing blooms direct from the growers themselves, Whitney and her team have cut out the middle man and are able to produce fresh, long-lasting bunches that are all about quality and simplicity. This is a new flower movement that speaks to customers and businesses that have a discerning eye and crave the ease and reliability of online delivery, all wrapped up in a signature brown grosgrain ribbon.

As a mother to three children, Whitney juggles the demands of a start-up business with prioritising the needs of her two sons and daughter. “Having children has changed everything about the way I approach life and my career. My children are, by far, my biggest priority, so from that, I have to work backwards and re-prioritise everything else.”

For more from Whitney on personal style – from pounding the pavements in Paris searching for that first job to how beautiful blooms are such a connector – to women in business and expansion, listen to this episode and prepare to be inspired, enlightened and eager to get your hands on some fresh (single-bloom variety) flowers, immediately.

In today’s conversation, we cover the below and so much more :

  • How she pounded the pavement for five months searching for her dream job in Paris and ended up getting the luckiest break of her life – the job of Tom Ford’s PA
  • Why the best advice Tom gave her was to have a 10-year plan
  • How she came up with the idea for FLOWERBX with the support of good friend Natalie Massenet
  • How it feels having clients such as the Beckhams and Louis Vuitton
  • Why flowers are a connector
  • Raising three children while also growing a company and why her children are the ultimate levelizers
  • Why what you see on social media isn’t always what you get
  • How COVID-19 has changed her business

To find out more about FLOWERBX, go to www.flowerbx.com
Follow Whitney on Instagram @theflowerbmb