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Yours and Not Mined – Pandora Will Use Only Recycled Gold and Silver by 2025

Mass-produced is not a term usually associated with sustainability. But despite holding the title of the world’s largest jewellery brand, Pandora does things differently…

The much-loved brand today announced that by 2025, Pandora will use only recycled silver and gold. By ceasing the use of newly mined metals Pandora will reduce its carbon emissions by two thirds for silver, and by more than 99% for gold. In a statement to press, CEO Alexander Lacik explained that “Silver and gold are beautiful jewellery materials that can be recycled forever without losing their quality. Metals mined centuries ago are just as good as new. They will never tarnish or decay. We wish to help develop a more responsible way of crafting affordable luxury like our jewellery, and prevent that these fine metals end up in landfills. We want to do our part to build a more circular economy”.

The decision isn’t out of the blue – the brand is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and signee of the UN Global Compact, and already 71% of their silver and gold are recycled. But now, says Alexander Lacik, “we are ready to take the next step and stop using mined silver and gold altogether. This is a significant commitment that will be better for the environment and make our jewellery more sustainable.”

In January this year, Pandora announced ambitious decarbonisation targets. In 2020, Pandora will source 100% renewable electricity at its two jewellery

crafting facilities in Thailand, and by 2025 the company will be carbon neutral across its entire operations.

More than 99.9% of Pandora’s stones are man-made, which have a significantly lower carbon footprint than mined stones. And they continuously work to reduce their waste, recycling 88% of all their waste materials at their crafting facilities last year.

All of which is to say, this is a guilty pleasure you need not feel guilty about indulging in.

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Holding image: Photography by Julie Adams | Hair and makeup: Sarina Zoe | In association with Pandora