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Zoë Foster Blake on her new book, best beauty tip & the juggle

It’s safe to say 2016 has been a big year for Zoë Foster Blake...

She’s relaunched her beauty book Amazinger Face (“a renovation of the original, Amazing Face”); her 2014 novel, The Wrong Girl, has just been adapted into a TV series, and aired this month; her uncomplicated and effective skin care range Go-To has grown exponentially; and she’s also a mother to Sonny Blake, one of the cutest kids we’ve ever seen. We caught up with the Melbourne-based Foster Blake to find out more about her new book and catch up on all things beauty…

Photo: Julie Adams | Additional images: @zotheysay | Go to www.gotoskincare.com

Can you tell us about your new book Amazinger Face?

It’s a renovation of the original, Amazing Face. I changed my mind on and learned some new stuff about sunscreen and pigmentation and makeup technique, and it didn’t feel right having obsolete, inaccurate information still in print. I also wanted to refresh all the product mentions (so many were discontinued!) update my appalling jokes (I made them worse), and include all the content (pregnancy, nasties in skin care, some essays) I’d published in the past five years.

How do you juggle writing with your skin line Go-To – are you quite disciplined with separating the two or is each day a mix of both jobs?

So much of what I do with Go-To is writing copy, so it doesn’t feel like too much of stretch. That said, when I’m in proper book writing mode, I’m not in business/email/communication/social media mode: I switch all that off. JK! I pretend to for about 10 minutes then sneak a peek.

What’s your all time best beauty tip?

I’ll never tell. Okay, sorry. It’s probably the second day one. Everything looks better on the second day: hair is soft and textured, not clean and slippery and stupid, spray tans have washed off and settled in, brow tints and lash extensions have settled in, and skin after a facial is glowy without being red or shiny… even eye makeup can look better second day, if you have just those subtle remnants of liner framing the eye.

What beauty thing do you need to do more of?

Tinting my brows. It saves me so much time filling in each day, but I consistently forget to DIY it, and salon is too hard/no time.

Do you watch what you eat and exercise?

I’m pretty yin with exercise: I do reformer Pilates twice a week and some walking. That’s about it for now because of a lingering hip injury. Foodwise, I’m in the process of healing my gut after years of pretending daily bloating is normal, so I have been low FODMAP for most of this year and while it’s restrictive and annoying, I do feel better for it.

Motherhood is aging – how do you personally combat things such as dark circles and tired skin?

I cheat. I get lash extensions and have my brows done once a month. I use skin care that nourishes and keeps my skin juicy (Go-To with some cosmeceuticals chucked in) and I rely on really dewy, glowy BB cream and fantastic concealer (Tarte creaseless – it’s a game changer).

How long does it take you to do your face in the morning?

From cleanse to lips, about five minutes. Ten if I am doing full foundation and eye makeup.

When do you go makeup free?

I don’t. I wear some tinted moisturiser or BB cream every single day. I have too much pigmentation not to, quite frankly. Plus, it makes me feel better.

What products do you take on a flight with you?

I used to have a huge, ridiculous list, then I became a frequent traveler, and had a baby, and shit got real streamlined, real fast. For long haul I take on Go-To Face Hero, Very Useful Face Cream and Lips! Plus BB cream, concealer and a bright peachy-pink lipstick for cheeks and lips to add life at the other end. And deodorant.

What have you learnt about beauty since launching Go-To skin care?

1. If you’re having fun, your customers will probably have fun, too.
2. Keep to the essentials; don’t cripple people with too much choice: you have a much better chance of getting through to them.
3. Skin care should be easy to use and understand, and a pleasure to apply.
4. If you remove all irritants and synthetics and rubbish: magic can happen. We’ve had the most stunning feedback from rosacea, dermatitis and sensitive skin sufferers.

What do women want from their beauty kit these days?

It varies enormously. There is a movement among younger women for ‘more is more’, especially with regards to makeup (the Kardashian/Jenner effect), but largely, and especially in Australia, I think we want less products, that do more. Efficiency and effectiveness. And transparency.

Any tips on juggling a fulfilling career with motherhood?

We’re all just doing the best we can, aren’t we? Personally I could be a lot better at being present, but also, I’m less fanatical about being good at being present these days, and learning to accept that life is busy, and big, and just enjoying the pace of it all.

Would your friends have described you as funny when you were growing up?

The smart and cool and awesome and popular ones would have, yes. But since they’re all fictional, no.

How would you describe yourself as a teenager?

Highly social, big fan of scrunchies and Toni Braxton, fun, insecure, emotional, conscientious, makeup-free, and definitely a bit of a rat. I hung around the local lads and we caused a subtle ruckus, but I was always deeply sensible at the core. So, if we wagged school, say, I would be constantly paranoid and unable to enjoy the day. Cool!

How would you define beauty?

Confidence and joy.

Who is the most beautiful woman of all time?

I’m enchanted by Audrey Hepburn and her brows and eyes and bone structure and her exceptional style, but could look at Beyoncé for about a year without a toilet break and be happy.

What makes you happiest in life?

My darling boys. Also: cake.

After you finish answering these questions, what are you going to do?

Finish polishing my super yacht.